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Southeast Asian Consumer Avocate Program

The SEACAP Program provides mental health outpatient services. SEACAP was developed to incorporate cultural understanding and individualization to ensure the effective treatment of the unique mental health issues of the SEA community. SEACAP consumer issues include PTSD due to their war and refugee experience, and stress and depression from poor adjustment and coping skills. The SEACAP program aims to reduce risk factors of alienation, and family problems stemming from mental health and adjustment stressors.

This program provides services through a client-directed care plan. The program provides individual and group services, cultural practices (shamans, natural healing practices), skills-building instruction to promote wellness, parenting education, and family intervention. There is also support through a weekly Peer Support group where consumers are able to socialize and learn coping skills. We also provide transportation to consumers in order for them to be able to access our services. This program aims to improve client's knowledge of their symptoms and how to cope with them in an effective manner incorporating both their culture and the American culture.

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The Prevention and Early Intervention consists of two parts--The Integrated Primary Care and Mental Health Services and The Cultural Broker.

1. The Integrated Primary Care and Mental Health Services are to reduce the mental health access disparities in the Southeast Asian community members, provide short term behavioral health services addressing the psycho-social impact of trauma, augments the services available at existing primary care centers to help ensure that they are able to provide focused interventions for behavioral health and psychiatric issues. This project is designed to integrate a primary care physician, a Behavioral Health Clinician, and a Cultural Broker, all of whom will cooperate collaboratively with one another in providing culturally appropriate care and needs of the SEA patient. This program serves to change public awareness and knowledge of mental health to reduce stigma and discrimination and reduce disparities in accessing mental health care.

2. The Cultural Brokers for Mental Health Program will ensure that the linguistically and culturally isolated SEA families become more aware of and are more comfortable accessing mental health services by providing educational outreach and engagement activities for isolated SEA community members with knowledge and available resources about behavioral health services. The program is designed to conduct community outreach, provide culturally and linguistically appropriate information about wellness, and integrated behavioral health services. The goals of the program are to ensure that the S.E. Asian members are connected to a trusted mental health provider, linked to their Community Leaders for further needed services.

-Funded by Merced County

Parents as Teachers

The PEP program provides parenting education/support group, community resources and information, and conduct home/personal visits, to S.E. Asian parents who have children 0-5 years of age.

The parent support group is essential in providing S.E. A. parents the extra support and opportunity to connect with peers, and develop a support network. The parent support group also addresses the cultural differences in parenting styles and how to strengthen these styles to encourage optimal growth in the children. The support group focuses on developmental stages, positive family communication, and relationship, positive discipline, promotion of literacy, health and nutrition, etc.

The community resources and information help parents to expose to a variety of information and learn how to access programs and services in their community. This also empower parents when they become aware of services that are available, know what they can access them, and they can overcome their fear of approaching these local agencies. Guests speakers and educational field trips are important parts of the programs.

The home visiting services are to give staff a better opportunity to gain insights into the family's conditions and needs in order to best serve them. The home visit also allows for the demonstration of parental understanding of learning through the play and promote one-on-one teaching and enforcement of the parent skills that were learned in the parenting session. In addition, staff will also determine other social service needs of the family such as health and mental health needs, emergency food and income assistance, housing needs, etc.

-Funded by First5 Merced County

Hmong Youth Cultural Group

Our S.E. Asian Youth Cultural Group is an after school cultural arts activity program targeting Hmong youth. It is designed to help Hmong youth understand the meaning of the Hmong traditions such as dance and the Qeej instrument. The dance and Qeej groups meet twice a week to receive instruction. Each year, each group participates in approximately 3-4 public performances.

Through this program, youth have learned to embrace their cultural identities and respect the richness of their culture and heritage. The program has also greatly narrowed the gap between the older generation and the younger generation. Additionally, youth participants are able to develop leadership skills, self-confidence, respect for their peers and elders, and a greater appreciation of their unique culture.

Youth participants and their trainers are also learning how to sustain their program through grassroots fundraising efforts. Funds are used for purposes such as, stipends for trainers, supplies for the youth classes, costumes for performances, etc. If you would like to donate to the efforts of this program, please contact MLFC by phone or email, or send your tax deductible check to:

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